Brazil Soccer USA Internship Program
Individual Professional Training at Cruzeiro E.C. *

This special program was created by Gerhard Benthin to accommodate youth soccer players from U.S.A, Mexico and around the world.

This program is designed for players between the ages of 14 and 20 with a strong desire to play at the highest level of club, college and professional soccer. Players are given the opportunity to practice and live with a professional soccer club where they will develop the soccer skills and techniques that set the Brazilian players apart.

Brazil has a unique soccer system for its youth. Players are guided and developed from their younger years to the professional level.

Brazil's national youth system has developed many successful teams who have achieved World Cup Youth Championships. Winners have included the Under 17 team and the Under 20 team with the most recent winners being the Under 21 as Champion of the tournament in Toulon, in France 2002.

Brazil Soccer USA has a partnership with Paulista Futebol Club in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Paulista Futebol Club is a professional soccer club that has successfully played its way to inclusion among the top Brazilian soccer clubs. Most recently in February of 2002 the club played in the prestigious RIO DE JANEIRO - SAO PAULO TOURNAMENT which is made up of the top 7 clubs from each State in Brazil. Currently the club is playing in the Brazilian National second division (Brasileirao) and Sao Paulo State first division. stadium.jpg (91549 bytes)

Paulista Futebol Club had a great 2004 season being in the Sao Paulo State Championship Finals Serie A, ending as a runner up on one of the most important professional soccer championships in Brazil. Brazil Soccer USA is very proud of our Club partner. CONGRATULATIONS to the professional team and the club! The team was coached by Zetti, a former Brazilian national player and World Cup Champion in USA 1994.

After the age of 20 years they are promoted to the professional level. Some players at the age of 18 can be promoted depending on their technique level and necessity of the club.

The Brazilian Youth Age System

Infantil - Under 14 (players between 13 & 14) Juvenil - Under 17 (players with 15, 16 & 17) Juniors - Under 20 (players with 18, 19 & 20)

Image of youth participating insoccer conditioning program