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Professional Soccer Training Sessions

Gerhard Benthin and his international professional soccer coaches will bring their wisdom and expertise to your soccer team or club. Brazil Soccer USA professional soccer coaches are available primarily in Southern California and nationwide for the following:

  • Clubs | Academy's
  • High School JV | Varsity Teams
  • Nationwide Soccer Organizations
  • AYSO

The staff of Brazil Soccer USA has the flexibility to accommodate the particular needs of your team between "Short Term" and "Long Term" training programs.

Short Term Training Program
1 week – 3 months

Our coaches will set training objectives for your team. Our professional coaches will bring a fresh perspective to the game and re-invigorate your team to play to their full potential. Play would be in a manner that is supportive of the coach in charge of the club or team. We are available to polish and refine your players' techniques. We can provide technical training tactics, fitness conditioning & dynamic drills to enhance performance on the practice field that will give results in matches. The purpose of our youth method is to promote an attractive effective skill set. "JOGO BONITO"

image of youth Brazil Soccer USA

Brazilian Technique Training:

  • Proper demonstration of the skill in question

  • Frequent repetitions of the basic moves, executing them as accurately as possible

  • Constructive criticism

We aim to train motivated players who are fully focused and ready to learn

Long Term Training Program

3 weeks - 12 months - Extended Sessions TBD

By conferring with your coach, we will map out a training strategy incorporating the hallmarks of a "Brazilian" style of play. These include, but are not limited to:

Image of Coach Gerhard at youth football tournaments abroad


      – Developing unexpected solutions to soccer challenges on the field

      – Developing opportunities in pressure situations | learning how to act on instinct and move; understanding where to position and create space

      – Passing from the defense, up through midfield, to the forwards | Learning the art of scoring goals and finishing correctly

    – Using the entire team to move offensively and defensively in different formations

    – Maximize the ability of the defensive wings to move into offense and create smarter scoring opportunities

Image of youth at european youth football tournaments

Training Methods

Warm-Up, Proper Stretching, Fitness & Footwork
Ball Control
Individual Strategy & Tactics
Team Defense
Team Offense
Finishing & Scoring
Motivation & Concentration

Age Group Stages

Ball control Passing & Shooting "Learn to play the game! We make it FUN!"

image of Ryan Woods U 7 Training Under Coach Gerhard Benthin

Ryan Woods U 7 Training Under Coach Gerhard Benthin

"It's important to bring "FUN" to practice.
Games that build team spirit creates an enjoyable experience." Learn to develop controlling, passing, shooting, and dribbling techniques.

YOUTH TRAINING U 10 – U 12 Emphasis on technical training, offensive & defensive transitions. Learn tactical skills.

image of youth traing

"Players need to have physical and mental challenges at this stage." Our Emphasis is strategy & Sports Psychology – Assessing youth players’ mental toughness

image of youth at international youth tournament

Technical training | Teaching and coaching advanced systems of play
** Developing game intelligence. **

Combine individual & team training Modern defending and attacking
One touch and combination play
Playing under pressure and finishing

Specific “keeper” sessions Technical, physical, and mental training One of the most important positions that requires special training at all stages of the game.

The Goalkeeper

image of brazil socceer USA youth atyouth football tournaments abroad

Reach the top corners! Functional training for Goalkeepers will impact the success of the team. Learn what it really takes to increase your knowledge in the art of Goalkeeping. Learn one of the most important positions of the game. Foot work and body position is crucial to the demands of today's game.

Our Approach To Youth Training & Development

BSU prides itself on its' expertise with youth players. We believe that an emphasis on basic techniques such as passing, dribbling, and shooting is what will develop strong future players. Learning proper techniques at a young age will stop bad playing habits before they begin.

bsu kids getting private soccer lessons

Players 6 - 8 years old

Soccer training for 6 to 8 year olds establishes the basic practice of a long- term training program. The objective of training for this age group is to create a solid foundation for taking things to the next level!

Players 8 - 10 years old

Image of BSU kids getting youth training

These years are referred to as "The Golden Age of Learning". This is when children can absorb many new concepts and able to apply what they have learned on the soccer field. Players learn and master simple techniques through appropriate repetitions. Training exercises are made to be fun. The players will gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment through applying the technical skills they learned in practice to actual game situations.

Players 10-12 years old

During these years, the players will gain in muscular strength, coordination and psychological maturity. We will focus on gaining more technical skills through specialized techniques and coordination. Players should start refining the techniques they have already learned. We will practice how to apply techniques through real match situations. The primary objective for BSU coaches at this age level, is individual player development and growth. To continue building upon progress, this player is refining skills sets year round.

Group & Private Soccer Lessons

One of the benefits of a private training & group lessons is that players will receive special attention instructed by Gerhard Benthin and his staff to perfect technical skills. Private soccer lessons is a great way for players to receive intensive concentrated training.

Our technical training is demanding for those who want to succeed. We are trained to teach players from an elite national level to the primary stages.

As long as there is a desire to learn, BSU staff will teach with passion learning this beautiful game! "Remember... Brazil is the nation of football!"

image of private lessons

Soccer Training

Master control and creative ball handling

Age-appropriate technique training

Introduction to modern concept of defense and attacking

System of plays and tactical education

Fitness conditioning

Match-oriented sessions

The psychology of creativity, fun, and sportsmanship "A Brazil Trade Mark :)"

Training Locations

We provide private training per your time, location, and convenience.

Local So Cal Residents Of Redondo Beach, CA

If you have a public soccer field or park reserved within 25 miles of Redondo Beach, California please provide our director the appropriate information so he can appoint a staff member to evaluate the facility ensuring that its suitable for training.

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Private training sessions and soccer clinics are offered for those living in the Greater Los Angeles So Cal Area:

We have served the San Fernando Valley, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, San Gabriel Valley and Riverside County.

Specialties: Goalkeeper Training | Field Player Training | Defenders | Mid fielders | Forwards

Available for adult and collegiate players.

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